What is Xezza?

Xezza is a gaming and pop culture brand.

We notice there are many brands on the market for skaters and surfers and other popular pass times. But I would struggle to find one brand that identified me as a gamer! Not one that can capture the essence of the gaming enthusiasts of today.

Introducing Xezza … a gaming label by gamers, for gamers.

Xezza is a brand that fuses gaming and pop culture. Express your unique fun loving personality while telling the world you are a gamer.

Xezza Gaming

Who are Xezza?

While Xezza represents all gamers, it was started by two struggling game developers. Russ & Jez make up the team at Future Released. The idea spawned off the back of one of alcohol fueled catch ups. Where we thought … gaming is such and individual medium, but there doesn’t seem to be a brand out there that speaks to the masses. Whether you are a casual indie gamer or a hardcore shoot-em-up gamer, Xezza was launched to fill that void while maintaining that individuality that makes us special.

When you look at other brands on the market such as DC Shoes & Globe for skaters. Or even Billabong & Quicksilver for surfers. Our brand is designed to unite gamers. To empower them. To bring social recognition to gamers across the globe.

These days you don’t need to be a middle-age, overweight, balding man with a ponytail and witty t-shirt to tell the world you are a gamer (although it helps!).